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50+ Womens Fashion For Spring

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Where Are The 50+ Women’s Fashions?

Ok, so…let’s face is. Fashion for 50+ women and savvy isn’t exactly the hot ticket with the runway set.  Rather oddFashions-by-Soft-Surroundings offers some clothes for 50+ women that are comfortable, casual and elegant chic. since it seems to me that this group of women are highly visible, rather powerful and financially influential. Can you say “Oprah” ?) Not sure why women fashions for baby boomer are still stalled.

So where are the awesome and affordable fashions for 50+ women? Hard to find if you aren’t a big fan of Chico’s, Coldwater Creek or Talbots. Same old, same old. Spring fashions for 2011 look to be an interesting challenge for mature women! Just taking a look at the trends in the news, here are some of the styles on the fashion agenda this season:

Colors: Popular colors for spring 2011 appear to include orange and yellow…leopard prints, polka dots and stripes.  Great.

Jewelry and accessories:  Chokers are in this season (maybe for Barbara Streisand or Candace Bergen, I haven’t worn one since 1975), “upscale goth”, cuffs, architectural and industrial themed pieces, western leather, snaking and bold colors. Large drop earrings are projected to be in and a continuation of those “big statement” rings.   (Of course, the standard in jewelry for baby boomer women over 50 is big. Chunky.  And it’s in now, ladies – faux is fashionable, so mix it up with the trending details for this spring’s jewelry fashions and make the most of it!)

Clothing: Bell bottoms are back in (ooh! To go with my choker! Actually, the truth is, I’m good with the whole bell-bottom thing) along with wide-leg pants and antique-style lace clothing.  That brings up the topic of leggings.  Wow. My jury is really out on this one. The fact is, you can either do leggings, or you can’t. (That goes for any age group, ladies!)  Know your strengths and in this case, your limitations!  Plenty of other fashion statements that 50+ gals can make.

I’m tired of the overstated ruffles and the peasant-style shirts with the cap-like sleeves, and the “drape” sweaters with the drop in the front that you can wrap around your waistline if you want to.  Handkerchief hems aren’t great on anybody, frankly, and the ’70’s style tunics were ugly then and they’re even uglier now.  The skinny jeans I won’t even talk about.

I have to say I’m craving the whole classic thing.  The tailored men’s wear look a ‘la Joan Crawford with the blouse, jacket and wide-leg trousers with loafers. The simple elegance and the style of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis and Grace Kelly. The casual confidence of Amelia Earhart and the amazing fashion sense of Natalie Wood. Not to say there aren’t current women with amazing fashion sense…my next bet is on seeing where Kate Middleton goes as she blossoms. 50+ women’s fashions need to be more available, affordable and…fashionable!

7 responses to “50+ Womens Fashion For Spring”

  1. psissons says:

    I know…I can’t help but think how awesome she would be at 50. Looks like Kate is going to be a similarly elegant gal…

  2. Corinne says:

    Can you please suggest a website I can try to find some stylish / work ( not suiting) clothing. I am almost 55 and feel great and full of energy , I’d like my clothing to reflect style and energy without being to young?

  3. psissons says:

    Hi, Corinne! Welcome to the ‘what the heck do I wear now’ time in life! I hear from soooo many women asking the same question you are. Where are the clothes?

    A couple of places I look are DKNY – they have some nice, do-able shifts and trench-style dresses. Also, Soft Surroundings has come really nice elegant/casual stuff, also Eileen Fisher has some nice things (gotta pick and choose there, though…) and I’v been a fan of Liz Claiborne forever for classic but casual clothes. The problem is you have to search and search…I feel your fashion pain, sista! 🙂

  4. Karen says:

    Am so glad to find someone who feels the same way as me about the ’70’s style tunic.

  5. Vicky jefferies says:

    This topic is specially tricky for me, I’m a 50 year old transgender female I’m lucky enough to have a size 8 body and am able to wear pretty much what I want put I don’t want to dress like a 20 year old, I’m a business woman so I need something business like yet fashionable

  6. Cindy L says:

    To me, the greatest thing about being a woman “of a certain age” is that you finally reach the place where you know yourself, know your style. You understand that your best outfits are those that highlight your true individuality — not what fashion editors dictate.

    When I turned 50, I realized that fashion magazines were never going to cater to women my age, even the ones that claim to. (Even More magazine features older women who still look like they’re 30 … it’s as if the editors are telling you it’s sort of OK to be older, but not to *look* older.) I finally stopped purchasing a lot of these magazines (though I do love fashion) and purchased clothing that works for me.
    Since I have red hair (which itself is a statement and an accessory), I stick with a neutral palette and buy basics that fit me well. I put my money into good jewelry (I love art pieces and Tiffany silver), which personalizes my wardrobe. I do love Eileen Fisher, although I am small and some of her pieces can be overwhelming. I am grateful that Eileen is now catering to a younger crowd, as well, so her pieces are more youthful — yet graceful in fit and style. I tend to keep her pieces for a long time, and find that they work as “backdrop” for great accessories.

    • psissons says:

      Thank you, Cindy! You are right on all counts here. I also believe that the basics are critical as we age. In my mind, aging gracefully has multiple parameters!

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