Living & Loving Life Beyond Fifty

Life After 50

Life after 50 offers many choicesLife After 50 May Not Be What You Expected…

If you thought that being a baby boomer woman meant bowing to the ‘change of life’, slowing down, sticking closer to home, bringing out the blue hair dye  or saying goodbye to your sex life, think again!  The beauty of life after 50  becomes quickly obvious. A sense of confidence and a new-found freedom offer the chance to do some things you’ve long dreamed of but never had the time.

There’s no doubt about it – the physical and emotional roller coaster going through the ‘change of life’ are significant. The challenges of the onset of menopause, watching your family life evolve, and coping with the realities of finances and personal management can seem overwhelming. But take heart, ladies – it’s ALL good!

A Post 50 Journey of Discovery

The best part of being ‘post-50′  is that it’s as though everything is new again. Of course, this can be a very difficult time as well for any number of reasons, but our approach to challenges and our ability to handle  both delights and difficulties contines to evolve.

No matter what, this is indeed a new landscape – whether you are enjoying empty nest and a new-found intimacy with your spouse, or are entering the dating world for the first time in a long time…whether you think fifty is the new forty, or fifty is the new thirty…it’s all good!