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Life After 50

Life after 50 offers many choicesLife After 50 May Not Be What You Expected…

If you thought that being a baby boomer woman meant bowing to the ‘change of life’, slowing down, sticking closer to home, bringing out the blue hair dye  or saying goodbye to your sex life, think again!  The beauty of life after 50  becomes quickly obvious. A sense of confidence and a new-found freedom offer the chance to do some things you’ve long dreamed of but never had the time.

There’s no doubt about it – the physical and emotional roller coaster going through the ‘change of life’ are significant. The challenges of the onset of menopause, watching your family life evolve, and coping with the realities of finances and personal management can seem overwhelming. But take heart, ladies – it’s ALL good!

A Post 50 Journey of Discovery

The best part of being ‘post-50′  is that it’s as though everything is new again. Of course, this can be a very difficult time as well for any number of reasons, but our approach to challenges and our ability to handle  both delights and difficulties contines to evolve.

No matter what, this is indeed a new landscape – whether you are enjoying empty nest and a new-found intimacy with your spouse, or are entering the dating world for the first time in a long time…whether you think fifty is the new forty, or fifty is the new thirty…it’s all good!

Post-50 Body Image Reality Check

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If we are to be brutally honest, few of us get to this place without having some bit of trepidation about how we look, or how our bodies feel and perform. Even the most fit 50+ woman or man you see is experiencing the relentless effects of aging. It’s inevitable. Whether it’s cellulite, wrinkles, or […]

Women Turning 50 In 2015: Who’s On The ...

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Who are the women turning 50 in 2015 who have been visible, made a difference, or influenced our lives in some way? Today there are more women in powerful, influential and highly visible positions than ever before… who are committed to excellence for themselves and others and who also give back in a huge way.  […]

Fifty Is The New Forty: Not Just For Baby Boo...

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So…here I am blogging for the first time in quite a while. The truth is that I have been struggling with this website for some time now. I started it to vent about my own frustrations and experiences when I turned 50 in 2007, and for a while I just loved it. It was a […]

Nine Positive Life Changing Strategies For Ba...

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As midlife beckons, life continues to require chores and routines, and sometimes you might find yourself just going through the motions without even realizing that you could be seeking out some excitement instead. These 9 positive life changing strategies for baby boomers can help you moving forward with agility. Just imagine! No more days where […]

Thoughtful, Simple Giving Gifts: Baby Boomers...

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Mission: thoughtful, simple giving gifts this holiday season. For baby boomers, giving back is, well, a given. Baby boomers are givers at heart.  As a matter of fact, baby boomers are responsible for the largest share of charitable donations. According to one study, we make up only 34% of all donors, but give 43% of the […]

Fifty Is The New Forty Reader Appreciation Da...

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I want to clarify some information about this website, Fifty Is The New Forty. First, let me say “thank you” for being here.  If you are reading this it means you took the time to explore something new or are one of my regular readers who make my day! I started this website in 2007, […]

How To Know If The Journey Is Really The Dest...

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Change is easy. Change is hard. Change is just part of life. Is the journey really the destination? How many times have we heard these words about change and either nodded in agreement, or rolled our eyes in disgust? Turning 50 is a significant milestone for women. (Men too, yes, but we’re talking specifically about […]

Enjoy Aging? Really?

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It’s easy to dismiss it when someone suggests you should enjoy aging.  What…? Well, the fact is that aging does have its benefits indeed.  They may reveal themselves slowly, subtly at first, as you begin to realize you are reacting to situations differently and not taking the bait that life so predictably presents. So…what’s the […]

WYSIWYG Relationships

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What is a WYSIWYG relationship? WYSIWYG relationships – or “what you see  is what  you get’, are relationships that are – in a word – simple. Clear. Without the need for or desire to implement any heroic efforts to keep it on track. So many of our relationships are incredibly complex; personal relationships with spouses, family, […]

1980’s Technology: Don’t Make ...

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Ode To The Realistic Chronomatic 223 What was so great about cutting edge 1980’s technology? The Realistic Chronomatic clock radio was released in 1981, when my husband bought it brand new and shiny off the shelf.  The latest in AM/FM technology, it was designed with buttons on the top, buttons and knobs on the front, […]

Tips For Baby Boomer Brides

Whether it’s not your first time around or you are a late bloomer, these tips for baby boomer brides offers some insight into how to make your wedding special and unique to you!  Enjoy this guest post by Merdith Garzon…. As any industry professional can confirm, more and more baby boomers are preparing to exchange […]

Baby Boomer Women Turning 50 in 2013

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Notable Women Born In 1963… There are a number of baby boomer women turning 50 this year – here is just a sampling! January January 11: Tracy Anne Caulkins, American former competition swimmer, three-time Olympic gold medalist January 26: Daryn A. Kagan, American broadcast journalist, formerly a news anchor for CNN February February 12: Jacqueline […]

Is Oprah Bored?

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Is Oprah Abandoning Her Base? Having a Midlife Crisis? There’s no standard for change as it relates to what life is like after 50.  One of the most interesting blog posts on AARP of late has got to be the one by Barbara Hannah Grufferman, Would Oprah Turn Her Back On Women Over 50? Is it […]

Nothing Constant But Change

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I’m a big believer in change – as in growth. I have a firm commitment to resisting complacency, to constantly stay fresh, thoughtful, always open to something different. My husband and I are in our mid-fifties.  Most of the people we know our age are still working…some have had to begin new careers at this […]

Funny Ladies of 50: Post Fifty Female Comedia...

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Why are these ladies so funny at 50? There are some really funny female comedians, writers and comedic actresses out there right now. Unlike their trailblazing and priceless  “foremothers”, Lucille Ball and Phyllis Diller, these post fifty female comedians don’t require props like red wigs, curlers or cigarette holders.  These women are funny, savvy, attractive […]