Until recently, long hair for women over 50 wasn’t popular, nor was it easy to sport it both at work and at home, Long hair for women over 50particularly for career women.  Long hair on older women was just considered, well…not quite appropriate, somehow. There seemed to be some line in the sand where once you hit a certain birthday, off came the locks.

Fortunately that is no longer the case! Long hair styles for women over 50 are not only acceptable, but are wonderfully mainstream.  This is great news for women who have struggled with fine hair all their lives, the fact that their hair is a bit more brittle can make it actually appear thicker.

Whether you already have long hair, or you’re a fifty-something who wants to give it a go, here are a few basic  long hair style tips for women over 50:

  • Layers – whether  your hair is fine or coarse, thin or full, layers can be important.  They add depth and detract from lines and imperfections.
  • Bangs – Bangs can be an incredibly easy solution for a youthful look. As we age, those beautiful laugh lines around the eyes and wrinkles in the forehead are minimized to an amazing degree simply by adding bands. Yep – the phrase “Bangs, not Botox” has some merit!
  • Healthy – Dry and brittle hair can also be aging – keep it healthy and moisturized. Be good to your hair.
  • Manageable length –  Not everyone can have long hair… even twenty-somethings look downright ratty if their hair gets too long with scrappy ends and no body.  Keep your hair to a length that maintains body and as much thickness as possible.

A word about color: At long last! The word is out – gray is the new black. The world is your oyster, so to speak, when it comes to hair color. But just like any other part of your beauty regimen, you may want to experiment to see what works for you.  You may want to tame the gray or enhance it in some way. Go for it!

Examples of long hair for older women are everywhere…women like Janet Seymour, Maria Shriver, Christie Brinkley, Judy Collins and Lynda Carter, to name a few.