Beautiful After Fifty: Yes, “The Eyes Have It”!

Smile and laugh lines around the eyes are a warm and wonderful addition to beautiful eyes after fifty – at least in the eyes of others! We are usually a bit more critical of these areas, but the fact is that no matter what, we’re never going to have the tight, flawless skin around our eyes that we once had. Just isn’t in the cards! So…minimizing eye wrinkles and caring for laugh lines may be important depending upon your level of concern and your genetic makeup. The tips below may help you decide how best to take care of and choose the best cosmetics for the delicate area around the eyes.

Just as we do with our face, there are certain steps we should take every day for the eye area, although with perhaps a bit more care. Must-do’s for beautiful eyes after 50:

Cleanse: Gentle, gentle, gentle…the area around the eyes is delicate. It’s important to remove all dirt, oils and makeup at the end of the day, but it might be a better idea to do so by using your fingers or a very soft cloth rather than a rough washcloth or face scrubbing pad! Be sure to rinse thoroughly with warm (not hot!) water. Also, be sure if you’re using an exfoliant to never, never scrub around the under eye area or the eyelids.

Moisturize: We’re sure you’re already using a moisturizer around your eyes, and have been doing so for some time (!), but if not, delay no longer! For many women, the skin becomes more sensitive with age, particularly around the eye area. You may even find that you can no longer use the same over-the-counter moisturizer or some of the more aggressive anti-wrinkle products that constantly appear everywhere from the cosmetic aisle of your high-end department store, to the margins of you computer screen. Simple moisturizers like Cetaphil or natural skin care products provide great moisture benefits without any harsh ingredients or fragrances. If you choose to go with a rich cream with wrinkle-relaxing benefits, simply pat it on to the eye area…never rub.


Protect: Sunscreen is a must-have for any beauty regimen. Again, a gentle but effective product like Neutrogena sunscreen can provide excellent protection with a minimum of problems with sensitivity. Don’t get too close to the eyes – never on the eyelids – but do pat sparingly above the cheekbones and around the lower eye area.

Not a magic bullet, but definitely steps that will help to keep the twinkle in your eyes when it comes to skin care here. Browse our site for more fashion for fifty-somethings and makeup tips!