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Makeup Tips for Mature Women

Makeup Tips For Women Over 50Makeup tips for mature women

Today, makeup for mature women is much more subtle and flattering than in days of old! Many of us had a grandmother, aunt, or family friend who thought staying young looking after 50 meant wearing so much makeup it was scary: heavy black eyeliner, powder foundation that highlighted wrinkles and creases, splotches of color on each cheek and red, red lipstick.  That is the extreme, of course, but you get the idea!

Just because you turned 50 doesn’t mean you begin coming apart at the seams and looking like your grandma! (Unless you want to, of course! Maybe your grandma was one of those sexy fifty or sixty-somethings!) Nor does it mean you keep on doing the same things with your makeup that you have done since you were 21.  There are good and bad examples all around us of what works for baby boomer women and what doesn’t. The key is to be observant and honest with ourselves when it comes to our own appearance, and staying abreast of the latest makeup tips for women over 50.

Less is more when it comes to many facets of aging…everything from our changing shape, to thinning or fine hair, and how we apply makeup is no exception. Here are a couple of basic makeup tips for mature women and suggestions for applying makeup to post-menopausal skin:

Foundation: A moisturizing foundation is important, but whether you use a liquid, cream moisturizer or powder foundation, start with as little as you dare! Our skin becomes dry as we age, and excess foundation tends to enhance  the pores and lines of our face, giving us an older appearance.

Blush:  Depending upon your skin tone, choose a soft and natural color. If you have been using red or cherry-colored blush for as long as you can remember, it’s time to take a step back and try something a bit softer and more natural.

Setting Powder: Be very careful with this…applied incorrectly, a powder finish can age you instantly. Mineral powders are very light and have great coverage…try and stay away from the eye area. Buff carefully.

Mascara: One of the best things you can do is to find a mascara that doesn’t smudge or end up below your eyes! Try one of the many products that create a tube of color around your lashes and wash off with water.  (Clinique has a good one) Always apply to your top lashes and sparingly to the bottom, touching up only the outer corners of the eyelash.

Liner: Avoid it for daytime use.  If you do use it, use a quality product and go lightly.

Eye Shadow: A more natural approach with eyeshadow can go a long way toward a youthful appearance. Toss the blue shadow you learned to love in you 20’s and try some natural colors: taupes and beiges, using the darker color on the lid itself and the lighter color below the brow, blending carefully. Avoid shiny or sparkly shadows.

Lips: Muted colors are best, with a liner that is neutral or matches the lip color. If you use a long-wearing or matte lipstick, use a bit of gloss to soften the look. Lip gloss provides a fuller, “plumping” effect.

There are so many good and bad examples today of makeup for mature women. Michelle Pfeiffer is one example of yes, good genes…but also a mature woman who knows that less is more and applies that principle to her makeup and every other part of her life after 50!

Today’s baby boomer women want to have fun after fifty, and look great doing it! The best part is that wearing less makeup gives us more time to enjoy the really fun things in our lives, family, friends, and careers we love.