Trending fashion adn beautyTrending: Fashion & Beauty For Women Over 50!

Fashion for women over 50 is becoming a mainstream industry – finally!  Remember when you had to rifle through your daughter’s closet just to find a single trendy accessory?

Find fashion tips, trends, and information on fashion and beauty for women over 50! Browse our site for great articles and interviews with women who seem to have the keys to timeless style, from seemingly effortless clothing style, to flawless makeup where less is more. Discover who’s really in the know about fashion trends and designers for women over 50, and get some great ideas on what’s most important for staying beautiful as we age.

We want to hear from you!  If you are a baby boomer women, what are your greatest fashion challenges? Finding clothing that fits?  Having to spend too much for a working wardrobe? Not being able to find fashionable clothes that hit the right level of style and age-appropriate appearance?

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As female baby boomers continue to remain physically active, personally productive and professionally successful, the market for products and services is continually adapting to meet their standards. The fashion world is at last beginning to recognize the importance of this market, and beauty and fashion designers for women over fifty and those who are skilled at creating timeless elegance and style are becoming more and more respected and renowned. Baby boomer women are going gray in record numbers and deciding what aging gracefully means for them. Hallelujah!

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