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Trending fashion adn beautyTrending: Fashion & Beauty For Women Over 50!

Fashion for women over 50 is becoming a mainstream industry – finally!  Remember when you had to rifle through your daughter’s closet just to find a single trendy accessory?

Find fashion tips, trends, and information on fashion and beauty for women over 50! Browse our site for great articles and interviews with women who seem to have the keys to timeless style, from seemingly effortless clothing style, to flawless makeup where less is more. Discover who’s really in the know about fashion trends and designers for women over 50, and get some great ideas on what’s most important for staying beautiful as we age.

We want to hear from you!  If you are a baby boomer women, what are your greatest fashion challenges? Finding clothing that fits?  Having to spend too much for a working wardrobe? Not being able to find fashionable clothes that hit the right level of style and age-appropriate appearance?

Check out these articles for makeup and fashion inspiration:

As female baby boomers continue to remain physically active, personally productive and professionally successful, the market for products and services is continually adapting to meet their standards. The fashion world is at last beginning to recognize the importance of this market, and beauty and fashion designers for women over fifty and those who are skilled at creating timeless elegance and style are becoming more and more respected and renowned. Baby boomer women are going gray in record numbers and deciding what aging gracefully means for them. Hallelujah!

Browse on, ladies….

The Bees Knees: Are Your Knees Giving Away Y...

Are you knees giving away your age? Knees, ankles and elbows are areas on our bodies that can be neglected when it comes to wrinkles, also referred to as “ninkles”. (The old expression “the bees knees” is meant to be a positive reinforcement – a compliment meaning something really great or special.  But the fact […]

Egyptian Magic

Because skin care during menopause is something we all should pay attention to, any products that are geared for our ‘special needs’ is on the radar!  Egyptian Magic, for those of you who don’t know, is one of those products that is an “overnight success”.   I had heard about Egyptian Magic on TV, seen some […]

Do You Need An Encore Style Makeover Expert?

Starting an encore career?  Maureen O’Brien Hooker is a Mary Kay Independent Sales Director in Glens Falls NY, and provides guidance and suggestions for women who are getting back in the workforce or starting their own businesses! Here tips from this encore career style makeover expert – check out her suggestions for updating your new […]

Coldwater Creek Fall Fashion Review Lowdown!

The Coldwater Creek fashions for Fall 2013 are flying off the shelves! Recently I was invited to preview the fall collection at the Stuyvesant Plaza Coldwater Creek store in Albany NY. (Disclaimer: As with all of my reviews, you will get only my honest opinion based upon my experience with the product.) Coldwater Creek has […]

Fashion Over 50: Got It Covered Perfectly Rev...

As you know, as our post-50 fashion journey progresses,  it becomes more and more difficult to find clothes that look great, feel perfect, fit perfectly and are affordable! Pauline Durbin is the owner of a company called Covered Perfectly. Pauline reached out to us a while ago and offered to share her product with us […]

Do It Yourself Foot Scrub Recipe

We are always looking for tips for staying beautiful after 50 from head to toe! This wonderful do it yourself foot scrub recipe from Michelle Pino, Spa Manager at Skana Spa and Salon at Turning Stone Resort and Casino in Verona NY will help! Spring Sandal Season! by Michelle Pino Let’s face it- winter is […]

If Fashion Hurts – Let It Go!

Most women know all about fashion agony. Yeah, fashion hurts. We recognize it, we accept it, and we don’t really talk about it because we don’t really care!  As grown up girls we are taught that it’s ok – that fashion agony is normal and beauty is pain. But as we age our bodies begin […]

Anti-aging Makeup Tips: Mascara

Best Mascara For Women Over 50 by Pam Sissons Anti-aging makeup tips for women over 50 definitely needs to include how to choose the right mascara. There is nothing more aging than dark circles under the eyes, so walking around looking like Rocky Raccoon from smudged mascara is a #1 no-no. It doesn’t matter how well […]

Hillary’s Hair Continued….

I’m really kind of thinking Hillary is rockin’ the pulled back look…it’s different.  I’m likin’ it.  What do you think?

Mother Of The Bride Fashions For 50+!

Wedding fashions for baby boomer women (especially the Mother of the Bride!) can be fun and elegant just like you!

Baby Boomer Women Go Gray!

Baby Boomer Women Go Gray & Love It! For many women in midlife, it’s totally tempting – the thought of going gray in midlife may cross your mind every time you shell out money to get your roots touched up, or have to make time out of your busy schedule to do it yourself. You […]

Fabulous Fashion Tips from Ellen Lubin-Sherma...

Fabulous at 50 (And Beyond) by Ellen Lubin-Sherman, the author of “The Essentials of Fabulous Because “Whatever” Doesn’t Work Here Anymore”! I refuse to understand why turning 50 (or 60 for that matter) should have a negative impact on the way you present yourself to the world.  This is the time of your life when […]

The Purse From Hell

Every Woman’s Fashion Accessory Nightmare Few things in life are more frustrating than The Purse From Hell. You know the one – you know the moment you see it it’s for you. It beckons to you from across the department store aisle. It looks perfect…right size, gorgeous color, just the right amount of handy pockets […]

Fall & Winter Coat Fashions For Fifty-So...

Fall & Winter Coats For The Mature Figure Fall coat fashions for baby boomers are limitless, really. It’s true – there aren’t a lot of areas in fashion where it’s easy to find just the right style that is functional, fun and affordable and fashionable. Fifty-somethings aren’t always comfortable cruising the Juniors department, but winter […]

Fall Fashion News For 50+ Women – All G...

The Return Of Classic Fashions for Women 50+? Yee-ha! The fashion news for  women 50+ is good! We all know that classic fashions never really go out of style…after all, they’re, well…classic.  Yet popular culture continues to change, and over the last several years a number of styles have come on the scene that just […]