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“Am I Too Old For College?” For Women Over Fifty, the Answer Is No!

Baby Boomer Women Going Back to School? “Well, Yeaaaahhh!”Baby boomer women go back to school!

Think you’re too old for college? Women over fifty are changing the face of continuing education. The emergence of convenient degree programs for adults in community colleges and universities, distance education, online universities and virtual classrooms have exploded the world of continuing ed for women fifty and beyond. The ability to earn a legitimate degree from a reputable university is now more attainable than ever before for all ages of student.

This is not your parents continuing education that probably consisted of night school. College for baby boomers ranges from your local brick-and-mortar community college or university to online university programs where you will probably never meet another student face to face. You may choose to look at some unique programs or more traditional degrees, but most are highly flexible…the choice is yours and the options are endless!

Mature women often have the confidence in their professional backgrounds and a strong ability to learn new information. Yet it often seems that there’s that perpetual fifteen-year-old stuck in the back of your brain needling you…will you fit in? Not to worry! Adult students are no longer the silent minority in colleges across the country.

Today, both traditional universities and online degree programs host students of all ages, abilities and backgrounds, with convenient, affordable programs for working adults. If your family has changed, you’re familiar with empty nest and opportunity, the possibilities are indeed endless! It’s a wonderful experience to exchange ideas with a 25-year old marketing professional from Seattle and a 35-year old stay-at-home mother of three from Florida.

So…if you’re turning fifty or already did, when you ask yourself “am I too old for college”?, think of Nola Ochs. In Spring 2007, Ms. Ochs graduated from the Fort Hays State University in Kansas at the age of 95 and became the world’s oldest college graduate. The answer is “Never!”. For so many women today, turning fifty is just the beginning

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